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Comments from some of Paul’s students…..

“Just wanted to let you know I shot a 90 today!!!  So happy, it was a great round. No major screw ups and I ended the round with a birdie!  I used the hip/shoulder rotation you showed me last night, worked like a champ!  I did so well last night practicing too!  I was getting killer contact and crushing slow draw shots.  Thanks so much for all your coaching – it’s making a huge difference!”

Dave – Long Beach, CA

“Paul Young has been an incredibly wise and helpful teacher all year long. He is patient, positive, and enjoyable to work with. His lessons never cease to inspire me and make me confident that I can reach my goals. This year, the ladies’ club at Heartwell Golf Course awarded me the honor of being the “most improved golfer of 2015.” I give Paul full credit for my progress.”

Terrill – Belmont Heights, Long Beach, CA

“I just wanted to let you know that I improved my putts today by 6, but overall I improved 13 strokes to 73. and I feel I could have done even better.  I just want you to know I am not stopping here, I want to learn more and keep improving.  My lessons are not close to being complete.  Thank you so much for everything.   Actually I just realized in 6 weeks that’s over 20 strokes improvement.  I will do all I can to send people your way.  You are unbelievable.”

David – Long Beach

“Shot my personal best yesterday – 84!  Thanks Paul”

Mike – Belmont Shore, CA

“Thank you for being a terrific coach.  I’m having fun and improving my game :)”

Mike – Los Alamitos, CA

“Just correcting my grip, helped my game hugely.  It was simple and effective”

Keith – Redondo Beach, CA

“Over the last three years, since I started taking lessons with Paul, my game has really improved.  When I started, I would score in the high 80’s, and now I consistently shoot in the mid 70’s!”

Randy – San Pedro, CA

“Thanks, Paul!  You are an unbelievable instructor, and that’s coming from a guy who has taken a lot of lessons for a lot of things!”

Keith – Long Beach, CA

“I cannot believe how much better I am playing now that I have a good short game.  Thanks Paul, for showing me how.”

Joe – Huntington Beach, CA

“Working with Paul has been fun and so informative.  I’ve loved shooting lower scores, and learned so much.”

 Jennifer – Palos Verdes, CA

“I owe you a “Texas Manhattan”!  I shot 2 straight 89’s, and am hitting the ball great.  Thanks so much, my buddies are impressed!”

Mike – Seal Beach

“For many years now, both my wife and I have been enamored with the game of golf; initially we were mere spectators, but more recently became participants. Sad in retrospect, that we failed to take up the sport earlier rather than later in our lives. But with the decision having once been made, my wife’s goal in particular was to become as good as she possibly could be. And her success in that pursuit has in the main been due to an introduction to Paul Young and the subsequent excellent coaching that he has provided.

The pair of them have developed an excellent teacher/pupil rapport, to a point where I, along with several other couples with whom we play on a regular basis, frequently comment, not only on the steady progression of improvements in all aspects of her game, but also the understanding of the golf swing that Paul has instilled into her thinking – tips that each of us continually attempt to glean from her.

With respect to my own game: problems, principally, I believe, between the ears, developed and drove me down to a point where I was seriously considering abandoning the sport, frustrated with ‘what used to be’ as distinct from ‘what now is.’

Thus with me, Paul was presented with a totally different challenge. We’ve spent some time together, and at length he succeeded in dispelling the negativity, and we are now currently working on rebuilding ‘what was’ and as a result, I am again having fun – which is what it is really all about!

As an added bonus, my wife and I now enjoy concurrent coaching sessions with Paul. These enable us to watch, listen, and subsequently share our learning experiences – in essence, Paul has made, for us, a teaching session ‘Fun!’

Whether one be a beginner or an advanced player whose only wish is for a ‘tune-up’, my advice is: “Go See Paul!’ You’ll not come away disappointed!”

Alan – Seal Beach, CA

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